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a kid from my school sent me a pic an elaborate painting of atticus finch shirtless smoking a blunt while a colt 45 is being poured on him along with a text that read “hot dad 2: dad harder” and this is the closest thing to a sext I have ever received

found itimage

You neglected to mention the Tupac and Biggie cherubs how dare you.

look there’s a lot going on here it makes perfect sense that they’d forget some details


I quit a client project after he refused to pay my invoices. A few months later, he got in touch out of the blue. This is exact email:

Client: Hey, I’m taking some eHow classes in all that s*** you were charging me for so I can do it myself. The only thing I need to know is if you would happen to have a spare copy of this “Adobe’s Creative’s Suites” that I could use….??? :) ;)

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